Best wood for smoking

Smoked food is the food that foodies love to eat. We all have different tastes, and usually, people like having some spicy, grilled stuff. Friends and families get together and use different methods to have perfect grilled stuff like roasted lambs, beef, mutton, and chicken. It is a great pastime activity. People love to enjoy their pastime in such sort of activities. It sounds good to your taste. It’s a healthy activity as well.

BBQ is a cooking method prevalent for family gatherings and social events. Let’s talk about its cooking methods and the wood that is best for smoking. 

To cook perfectly, you must know the correct method. If you want to add an enticing and magical flavor to your cooking, then, first of all, learn to know the best wood for smoking the meat. It’s a crucial step in the whole process. Even many experts fail at this step. So, let’s talk about some best woods for smoking.

Why wood matter?

For the perfect and excellent cooked meat, you must know why the best wood is necessary. We need the best wood combo for this purpose because we need an intense or overpowering heat that will result in perfectly cooked meat. 

If you want to add a good smell and rich flavor, then choosing the right wood is necessary. Let’s discuss some types of woods that we can use according to our needs. 

The apple, cheery, and some other fruit woods are not so overpowering. But, it can insert a flavor to the lighter meat like fish, chicken e.t.c. It creates a classy combo for the cooking of fishes. However, these are some milder woods and can’t be used for cooking fatty meats. These woods also have a sweeter aroma and add a great look to the meat cooked on it.

Birch is a hardwood of fruit trees and is used to add a flavor to poultry and cut pork pieces. It is best for cooking salmon, and it’s a great choice to add the best taste to the foods mentioned above. 

Those who love to eat chicken and like to have different fish species in their dinners or meals can use these woods. It’s a perfect choice for them. It is the best combination to add perfect smoke and the best flavor to the foods. 

Some woods are a level up in producing intense heat than others. These include hickory, maple, pecan, and oak. They are great with beef, mutton, and pork. They are strong enough and give you perfectly cooked food. You will not regret using these woods in your gatherings for such sort of cooking.

Cook like a pro by installing such woods in the best offset smoker. One can also use a combo of such woods to give a perfect look to the meat. Red oak is the crowned head of hardwoods and is best for cooking meats. It adds a remarkable flavor that is not much intense but is amazing and balanced. 

The oak is best for cooking lambs and beef. If you like to have lamb in your meals, then don’t forget to use one of these woods in your recipes. Make a perfect choice about woods to have an incredible meal.

The best choice of wood for smoking

Now, we are moving towards an excellent and best wood for smoking that is great as well as intense. It is the strongest of all. It is the best wood to cook with, but please use it in a considerable amount. 

As it is strongest as well as intense, so use it with some combos and other flavors. It means that add some other woods along with it too. Use this wood as you are adding chile peppers to something. We hope you have gotten the idea of how to use this wood.

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Moving towards its name, it is known by mesquite. Use it for a limited time. Use mesquite chips instead of a whole cut piece of this wood. The chips are small cut pieces added to other woods to add a dark and earthy flavor to the food. It is best for cooking meat that can bear the intense flavor. 

People use it for cooking ducks, wild game meat, and Tex Mex barbacoa. It is also used in quick-cooking and flavored foods. It adds a sweet smell to the food. It’s the best stuff to roast the food.

Well, it’s not all about just putting meat on the smoke, and then the duty is over. No, it’s wrong. People want to eat meat, not smoke. You must know that, for how much time you should cook the meat. Even skilled ones sometimes forget to remove the meat from smoke at a perfect time. If you want to add a smooth and balanced look to the food, don’t forget to use these tips mentioned above. 

Best wood combos

In short, perfect wood and absolute timing is necessary for a smooth look and cook. Usually, hickory and oak are best for cooking as these woods are not much intense, and they also add flavor and a dark look to your meat. The best way is to use a combo of two or more than two woods to have a rich flavor. 

If you want to try this, you can. It will have some fantastic results if you know when you should remove the meat from the smoke. Most of the time, people use oak with apple or hickory with cherry wood. It’s all up to you. Use these woods and have outstanding, incredibly cooked food.

Do you know when the masters gather to cook food in a competition, they mix the woods as we add spices to food? They know when and how much they have to add to have a perfect smoke for the meat.

Tips for adding wood to smoke

Let’s add a tip for a perfect look. Add one-third strong and two-thirds light woods to have the best cooked or smoked meat. It will be a healthy tip for smoking meat at a get-together. 

For red meats, usually, people use walnuts, hickory, and apple woods for achieving delicious smoked food. One more thing, do not put meat immediately into the smoker. First of all, you must have to let the fire come out of its initial level. Then the color of the smoke will turn into white from dark grey.

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Use this process for cooking the meat. Last but not least, keep in mind that the wood you will use defines the color or smell of your meat. If you will use bad wood that is smelling bad or if the smoke coming out of thy smoker is bad, then the meat will also smell bad. So, please choose the woods wisely. 


It is fun to spend time with friends and families by having BBQ or grilled food for eating. This food is delicious as well as healthy. Follow the tips mentioned above to have a great meal. If you are satisfied with our tips, then use such tips during your barbecue parties and share a perfect smoked food with your dear ones. By using these tips, you will surely cook like a pro. 


Why sometimes the smoked meat tastes bitter or bad?

Well, sometimes, when you put meat on the smoke for too long, it allows the smoke to sit on the meat, and smoke forms an oily coating on the meat that makes it bitter. This coating is called creosote. It leaves an unpleasant taste and a bad smell. It causes a stinging sensation to the mouth.

What should woods not be used for smoking?

Keep in mind never use softwoods like fir, spruce, redwood, cypress, or cedar for smoking meat. It will add an unexpected taste to your cooking, and you will regret using these woods. So, avoid using these woods. A great sap and terpenes level allows the meat to catch an ugly taste that will not satisfy you. 

Is it ok to soak woods before smoking meat?

Well, avoid using this method. Don’t soak the woods before smoking meat. Even we recommend you to dry the woods to evaporate all the water before smoking the meat because the soaked woods will not create much smoke and it might be disturbing for you.

What wood is best for smoked fish and BBQ?

The alder wood chips are best for cooking smoked fish, and hickory is best for BBQ. Alder wood chips have the best natural aroma that will give a perfect taste to the fish. The flavor of hickory is savory, and it is best for achieving great results in BBQ.

Why my wood chips don’t produce smoke?

Some wood chips do not produce expected smoke due to a lack of measurable moisture. Try to buy wood chips that are not dried so that they can produce enough smoke.

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