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Masterbuilt is a company that provides professional electric or gas smokers for smoking. It is a very convenient way to smoke the foodstuff. Either you are cooking in your backyard or on a terrace, they are the best and easy to use smokers.

If you are here to look for some fantastic recipes that you can try in your Masterbuilt smoker, you are in the right place. All you need to do for a delicious recipe is to have a good smoker first of all. The Masterbuilt smoker is among the best smokers in the market that helps you make some tasty and delicious recipes.

Make tasty meals

You can make your dinner or lunch incredible with this smoker. Smoke every kind of meat, either it’s white meat or red meat. Wildgame food and seafood can also be smoked here. In short, it is the best alternative to the old method of smoking. It’s easy to handle and convenient to use.

Some delicious recipes

Do you love to eat smoked food? Are you here to look for some mouth-watering and flavorsome meals? If yes, then you are at the right spot. Let’s read some appetizing recipes here. 

We have all recipes that are famous and popular as well. If you ever feel your tummy rumbling, then cook these meals to fulfill your hunger or appetite.

Whole smoked turkey with some herbs

Smoking a whole turkey is a good idea. It is a very delicious recipe. Keep in mind some things that will help you in cooking the whole turkey perfectly. First of all, look for a whole turkey. Then see the size of the bird as well as the size of the smoker. All you need to know is whether this bird will get fit into the smoker for smoking? If yes, then the incredible food will be ready after some time.

Defrost the meat if you have refrigerated it. If you want juicy meat, then brine for some time. It will make the meat juicy and tasty. Now clean it with some cool water and dry it. 

Add some spice of your choice and then some herbs too. It will help in increasing the taste of the meat. Now comes the main thing. To smoke, use some wood chips of an apple tree or a combination of mild woods. 

Add some orange zest and mix the meat with spices and herbs thoroughly. Add some water to the pan of the smoker. Before fitting the turkey into the smoker, preheat it completely.

Smoked salmon

Smoking a salmon on a smoker is great. Salmon is a cold-water fish. It is healthy as well as tasty. We need woods of fruit trees like apple, hickory, etc., for smoking it. 

To cook, cut the salmon into small pieces if you want. Otherwise, you can cook it as a whole. 

Mix some salt, pepper, and other spices that add flavor or taste to food. Place it in a baking dish, wrap it with plastic paper or sheet tightly and place it in a refrigerator for almost 12 hours. 

Now remove it from the refrigerator and clean it with water. Dry the meat and directly place it in the smoker. Preheat the smoker before placing the fish in the smoker. Add some wood chips and keep adding the wood chips after almost 45 to 60 minutes. You can use the alder woods too.

Smoked Brisket recipe

Brisket is the meat that is cut from the chest of an animal. It is the best type of recipe that can be prepared in the best offset smoker. But it is a bit harder than the other recipes as it is from the chest of the cow or an animal so it is hard to cook. You need a long time to smoke it perfectly. Use a Masterbuilt electric smoker for it and have a good taste.

First of all, clean the brisket and dry it. Trim the fat and place it on a large sheet pan. Mix spices and rub these spices on the fat and refrigerate it for almost 5 hours. Preheat the smoker and put some water in it. Add some wood chips, for example, mesquite with a combo of hickory and apple.

Keep checking the water after some time and refill the pan if it is empty. Keep a check on the woods and add some woods if needed. Smoke the meat for almost 8.5 or 9 hours and check the meat. 

Now remove it from the smoker and cover it with an aluminum foil. Let it be wrapped for almost 15 minutes and serve it.

Smoked ribs recipe

Ribs are smoked in different styles, and it is a mouth-watering recipe. Take some ribs and remove the membrane that covers the ribs. Add some sauce that is thick and sweeter that is also used with these ribs. It is the best flavorsome recipe.

Take ribs and place them on a flat dish with the meat side down. Now remove the membrane and add some spices by sprinkling them on the ribs. 

Let it be there for some time. Add some water to make a smooth and juicy texture. Add small chunks of wood. It’s up to you that either you want dry wood chips or soaked wood chips.

If you want to add some sauce, then coat it on the ribs and cook for some more time, almost 1 hour, to have a perfectly smoked taste with a sauce flavor.

Sweet and spicy smoked chicken wings

Well, it is a very great recipe. It is easy to cook and gives a perfect taste. Moreover, you can cook it in no time. It takes minimal time to have an ideal recipe available for you and your guests at a dinner. So let’s have a look.

Rinse and clean the chicken. Now place the wings in a bowl and add sugar, onion powder, paprika salt, ginger powder, garlic powder, and peppers. 

Rub the spices on the wings thoroughly and place them aside. Now, let’s smoke the wings. Place it in a smoker and add some wood chips and smoke it for almost 1 hour. Now recheck it; if it still needs some cooking, then do it. 

Add a dipping sauce; for that purpose, mix yogurt, cheese, salt, chives, and pepper in a bowl. Now serve the meat and also keep dipping sauce on the side of a platter. It is easy to cook and the best recipe ever.

Smoked curried almonds

Use some raw nuts or almonds and soak them overnight. Preheat the smoker and add water to the pan of the smoker. In a bowl, add almonds, curry powder, sugar, butter, salt, and cayenne. Mix the nuts evenly. 

Place the nuts in a smoker and smoke them for almost 60 minutes. Now remove them from the smoker and place them in an air-tight container. Remember not to cook the nuts too much as it can burn the nuts. Your crunchy nuts are ready to eat.

Smoked apple with maple syrup

First of all, take some apples and clean its cavity. For this purpose, you need a scooper that can scoop out the flesh of the fruit. Also, remove seeds. Clean the cavity correctly and now add the real taste. You can add some honey, cheese, brown sugar, cinnamon, cream cheese, etc. 

For this purpose, we will read the recipe with some raisins, maple syrup, and butter. The preparation will take almost 25 minutes depending upon your speed and now let’s come towards smoking it.

Preheat the smokers and add some water to the pan that is specially designed for smokers. Fill the water bowl ½. Core the apples with small melon balls so that you can keep them intact and the stuff will not leak out.

Fill the cavity with the stuff mentioned above and add some maple syrup. Top each cavity with butter. Place the apples in the smokers and cook it for 1 hour and 45 minutes almost. 

Time may vary. Try to achieve a bright texture and keep a check on the color. Don’t overcook it. It may burn the food.


These recipes that we mentioned above are amazing to try in a smoker. Have some fantastic meals on your dinners. Get a perfect taste and have fun. For further recipes, you should have a look at the Best Smoker Cookbooks.


What type of recipes can I cook in a Masterbuilt smoker?

It’s all up to you. You can cook meals like poultry, beef, mutton, seafood, nuts, vegetables, etc. 

How much wood should we add to the smoker?

Keep in mind that we need wood to add smoke, not to produce heat. If you will add too many woods in the beginning then this will cause a problem. Maybe your food will look odd and has a bad taste and smell.

What is the use of aluminum foil?

Using aluminum foil or wrapping the meat with aluminum foil gives the best results. It limits the smoke and thus adds beautiful fresh color to the meat. It also gives the best flavor to the food.

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